Friday, October 29, 2010

snippetty snippretty

okay, i was wrong. the finished cover for immortal beloved is in fact quite pretty. a little, i dunno, predictable maybe? but pretty. and reasonably enticing. reminds me a bit of american beauty the movie.
so i retract my rather rude comment to the marketing people (it probably isn't the marketing people that are responsible for the covers anyway, they surely have a design section or somesuch). bit harsh, sorry guys.

i got super excited when it arrived in the shop, and yes, i may have yelped. it was like greeting a slightly unpredictable, not to be trusted with your darkest secrets but fun to party with, old friend.

except, obviously, a book.

a book that i just discovered shares the name with...

a film about beethoven (ludwig, not the st. bernard)

the name in some love letters beethoven addressed to an unknown woman (i assume this is explained in the movie. i watched in ages ago but mostly i just remember beety chasing some girl around the table, giggling and groping.. creepy)

a hair salon in the 14th st neighbourhood that caters to the 'stylistas' of washington life.

now wasn't this just unexpectedly informative?

Monday, October 25, 2010

rambly book talk

Ruined by Paula Morris
soooooo.... i found this book lurking in a drawer (it wasn't my drawer, but before you go accusing me of thievery, it was a draw i am allowed to take books from) and debated whether or not to read it. it was a debate because i have a fascination with the deep south (this book is set in new orleans) and really want to go there and love reading about it. but because the pages of my found copy were that really crappy, cheap thin paper that probably isn't even partially recycled (bastards) and makes the spine feel awkward and sort of like it is ashamed of being a spine, i didn't want to read it.

but i did. and it was good. it wasn't brilliant, but i did enjoy it, and i absolutely loved the detail about new orleans. oh it sounds so amazing! i want to go! after, of course, i go to bhutan (gross national happiness people!), nepal, new york, the daintree, alaska, the moon... fuck me, i may as well give up now- no! i must remain optimistic, i will get there one day... assuming i don't get distracted and add another sixty thousand places to my visiting list.

err, this has turned into a 'i want to go here and here and here' travel rant, so i shall stop now.

actually, i just want to say that it really was quite a good book. there where times when i wanted to smack the main character, but mostly i was grumpy with the baddies, not the goodies. which is a pleasing characteristic in a novel of this kind, with lots of intrigue and family mysteries. now that i think about it, the plot was like something from 'passions' (and yet again i find myself referencing this ridiculous 90s soap opera), with ghosts and crazy class rivalry, but the way Morris managed it was excellent, and honestly, it is worth reading just for an insight into the gorgeous, multilayered mystery that is new orleans.

au revoir!

oh! wait! i forgot to tell you, i read another Eva Ibbotson (lordy, she is fab) story- Journey to the River Sea- about Maia, an orphan sent from england to live with distant relations in the amazon jungle. it was brilliant! utterly brilliant. i felt excited, scared, angry and ridiculously happy all in the right places, and it left me with the same aftertaste that the Piper's Son did. and now i want to go to see the amazon jungle! well, more specifically Manaus, the capital city of the state of Amazonas, a city hidden in the jungle!
oh, dreams.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

in the Kingdom of Disgruntledom

in the Kingdom of Disgruntledom i am queen.


i think i would rather be in the Kingdom of Silk.

however, something that has been making me less disgruntled today is...

the bindup i borrowed from the library of my work placement that contains 2 fabulously mad stories from Eva Ibbotson, creator of Which Witch, one of my most favouritefavouritest childrens books ever!

sadly most of her stuff including Which Witch is now out of print, out of stock or indented, however if you can get your hands on it, it is well worth it (don't even think about it, your grubby paws will be going nowhere near my copy-mostly because it is hiding in a box out of easy reach due to wet paint and bits of missing wall in my room-and also cos i love it too much to release it into the World of Borrowing, from whence it most likely will never return... err, not that i don't trust you...)

anyway, i just finished the first story in the bindup- Not Just a Witch- and it really did make me very pleased to be alive, so much so that i almost evacuated the Kingdom of Disgruntledom. almost, because a minute later i was severly irritated by a moronic waiter. still, it is an example of the healing powers of books.

Heckie is a Good Witch. so is Dora. when Heckie and Dora have a fight at their witch graduation (they are both wearing the same snake hat and each witch is convinced the other did it to spite them) 10 years of friendship ends in a squabble, and their plans for Doing Good together are finished.
so, miserable yet determined, Heckie sets out on her own to band together a group of witches, wizards and three children, and forms the Wellbridge Wickedness Hunters. what follows is very, very entertaining, and involves a sad russian wizard who makes air balloons fly by using the hot air talked by politicians, another wizard who spends his time teaching cheese to walk, and a death-dealing cauliflower, not to mention the extremely villainous villain Mr Knacksap (what a delightfully stupid name). there is also a rather pace quickening finale comprising of 300 snow leopards, a gas canister and two very displeased (yet reunited) witches.
i can't wait to curl up with Dial A Ghost, the next story. hurrah for the Eva Ibbotson! i might try reading some of her YA stuff next, but then again I might not as they don't look as silly. and i like silly.

Monday, October 11, 2010

summer lovin

oh, summer!

i can smell it in the jasmine on the back fence, and in the sea breeze that wafts determinedly around my ears and under my nose as i traipse along the back beach with the mad chien. these delicious smells promise other summery things like blowsy sweet peas, night picnics and floaty dresses, all of them entirely delightful.

another entirely delightful thing is the newest phryne fisher
dead man's chest by kerry greenwood.

phryne needs no introduction, suffice to say that she is back, more stylish than ever and off to queenscliff for a summer holiday. she promises her faithful companion dot, her adoptive daughters jane and ruth, and molly le chien a lovely holiday by the sea with absolutely No mysteries.

not likely, a mystery appears as soon as the holiday bunch arrive at their lodgings- the house is empty of both people and possessions, and the beloved dog of the missing people is found half starved and roaming with a dead rat in its mouth. the holiday doesn't look to be as peaceful as everyone had hoped. (although not-so-secretly i am very glad cos it means there was another mystery full of luxuriously conjured surroundings and morsel like historical details for me to enjoy)

Monday, October 4, 2010

monthly monday milf meeeeem

MMM is a meeeem created by kate.o.d and The Dugong Lady in celebration of those who lurk handsomely in the background. we want you between our pages.

and the first minor character i am admitting i'd like to do the nasty with is....

rambo aka robert black
from the spud series by john van de ruit, published by penguin

'robert black has the hugest willy'


actually the real reason is that he is big and strong with dark hair and eyes and an air of clever rebellion. with a vibe that says 'if you ever actually needed me to not be a dickhead, i would do it for you'.

he is the self proclaimed king of the dormitory and rambo is the nickname he gave himself. while at times he can be a bit of a bully, or at least very persuasive with his low, menacing tones, i think he has confidence issues.

and he has this underlying nice side.
afterall, when mad dog gets lifted up, carried downstairs on his mattress and laid out in the snow still snoring, it is rambo who gets blankets and carefully tucks him in. yes, it happens an hour later, and only because gecko voices concern about frostbite, hypothermia and piles. and yes, it was rambo's idea in the first place...
but i think it's all a tough guy front.

i suppose then there is still the whole side issue of him sleeping with the drama teacher... and numerous other girls. he is definitely a bit of hussy. but he does have some class, cos it takes him ages to admit that the teacher/student affair rumours are true, and even then only under threat of serious mutilation.

i think it's because he has the james dean factor.
and i think that he is a bit of alright.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

a new leaf

hellooooo my pretties!
i have been a crap blogger lately. i don't apologise, but i do say...

i got a laptop!

so now i can be a blogging dynamo, churning out witty, fabulous missives to my minions* and furthering my career as a dugong lady.

also, the laptop is shiny.

and the * is to explain that i do not consider you, my dear reader, to be a minion. i just really like the word and thought it sounded nice with missives.
i have been reading a little bit in amongst the frenzy of not blogging, but you can leave that bit to your imagination and instead hear about the picture book i bought today because i had been eyeing it off for weeks and could resist no longer.

the vegetable ark by kim kane and sue degennaro
allen and unwin
it is so so so lovely. and funny. and i love neil- he reminds of neil from the young ones except more productive.