Sunday, August 8, 2010

the queen of procrastination

this is not good. for the last hour i have been sitting on the couch at home staring vaguely at the laptop and looking at everything i can possibly look at to avoid actually doing anything i should be doing. like:

going to school for my afternoon class... i slept through the morning class already, and chances of me getting off the couch are super slim. this wouldn't be a problem except that this happens ALL THE TIME. monday mornings, school and dugong ladies go together like water and oil.

getting in the shower so i am all shiny clean... meh. i am happy in my nest of slept-in clothes, cups of tea and the books that i should be reviewing so that at least if i am not going to school i will have achieved SOMETHING today

hanging the washing out... i don't want to.

i am going to stop listing things now as it is making me depressed. here is a photo of the beautiful chien instead

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