Friday, October 29, 2010

snippetty snippretty

okay, i was wrong. the finished cover for immortal beloved is in fact quite pretty. a little, i dunno, predictable maybe? but pretty. and reasonably enticing. reminds me a bit of american beauty the movie.
so i retract my rather rude comment to the marketing people (it probably isn't the marketing people that are responsible for the covers anyway, they surely have a design section or somesuch). bit harsh, sorry guys.

i got super excited when it arrived in the shop, and yes, i may have yelped. it was like greeting a slightly unpredictable, not to be trusted with your darkest secrets but fun to party with, old friend.

except, obviously, a book.

a book that i just discovered shares the name with...

a film about beethoven (ludwig, not the st. bernard)

the name in some love letters beethoven addressed to an unknown woman (i assume this is explained in the movie. i watched in ages ago but mostly i just remember beety chasing some girl around the table, giggling and groping.. creepy)

a hair salon in the 14th st neighbourhood that caters to the 'stylistas' of washington life.

now wasn't this just unexpectedly informative?

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