Monday, October 11, 2010

summer lovin

oh, summer!

i can smell it in the jasmine on the back fence, and in the sea breeze that wafts determinedly around my ears and under my nose as i traipse along the back beach with the mad chien. these delicious smells promise other summery things like blowsy sweet peas, night picnics and floaty dresses, all of them entirely delightful.

another entirely delightful thing is the newest phryne fisher
dead man's chest by kerry greenwood.

phryne needs no introduction, suffice to say that she is back, more stylish than ever and off to queenscliff for a summer holiday. she promises her faithful companion dot, her adoptive daughters jane and ruth, and molly le chien a lovely holiday by the sea with absolutely No mysteries.

not likely, a mystery appears as soon as the holiday bunch arrive at their lodgings- the house is empty of both people and possessions, and the beloved dog of the missing people is found half starved and roaming with a dead rat in its mouth. the holiday doesn't look to be as peaceful as everyone had hoped. (although not-so-secretly i am very glad cos it means there was another mystery full of luxuriously conjured surroundings and morsel like historical details for me to enjoy)

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