Sunday, July 18, 2010

immortal beloved-cate tiernan *sept 2010*

as an immortal pulling in at around four hundred and fifty years old, nastasya has seen a lot. since just a tiny bit of it was good, and most of it was very bad and traumatising, she has spent the last couple of hundred years dressing up in pretty clothes, changing identities when it suits, and partying more than a partying creature who parties a lot. as nasty says in the opening chapter we'd found that six wasted immortals were all the back of a London cab could hold, and that was only if no one puked.
on a night out clubbing, incy (short for innocencio) breaks a taxi driver's back in a seedy london alley. as it is done seemingly just because, and using magick nastasya has never seen him use in the century or so they have been best friends, it seems like a rethink of her lifestyle is in order. so fleeing london for america, nasty hunts down river, an immortal she met very briefly in the 1920's. river runs what is basically rehab for immortals, a farm aptly named river's edge, and it is here nastasya begins (very slowly and with a wee bit of an attitude) to thaw out.
my gosh i loved this! it was super fab. the plot is complex and intriguing, the characters are a fabulous mixture of evil and good, sexy and demented. yes it was possibly a tiny bit trashy, but in a lovely way, like glittery nail polish. it had enough substance to carry itself proudly for over four hundred pages, and i loved every second of it. if the show buffy took a bunch of acid and had sex with the betty ford clinic, the love child would still be nothing like immortal beloved. it is the ultimate in young adult fantasy and i'm super excited cos word on the street is that it is the first in a trilogy.
so i know that this one isn't even published yet (in australia anyway)... but come on ms tiernan, bring on the second one!


  1. Wow! It sounds fabulous - when can I get my hands on it?

  2. september release. i loooooved it and so did my sister.