Sunday, October 3, 2010

a new leaf

hellooooo my pretties!
i have been a crap blogger lately. i don't apologise, but i do say...

i got a laptop!

so now i can be a blogging dynamo, churning out witty, fabulous missives to my minions* and furthering my career as a dugong lady.

also, the laptop is shiny.

and the * is to explain that i do not consider you, my dear reader, to be a minion. i just really like the word and thought it sounded nice with missives.
i have been reading a little bit in amongst the frenzy of not blogging, but you can leave that bit to your imagination and instead hear about the picture book i bought today because i had been eyeing it off for weeks and could resist no longer.

the vegetable ark by kim kane and sue degennaro
allen and unwin
it is so so so lovely. and funny. and i love neil- he reminds of neil from the young ones except more productive.


  1. young di doo di young ones...

  2. Do you remember, dugong lady, when neil from the YOs found a pushbike in the bath?? It was very very funny and this cover is a good prompt.
    I must see this pb. and i love Sue DeGs work too.
    You are not a crap blogger btw. It was worth the wait to hear 'minions' and 'missives' in the same sentence! jx

  3. no i dont! oh i shall have to rewatch them all. it sounds fabulous, and just like something neil would do.
    thanks jen:)