Friday, August 6, 2010

a confession...

it was not i that named this blog. it was the very clever and very lovely sharon, a teacher librarian that frequently pops in to my work to hand pick books for her lucky students. apparently her husband calls her writing food for silverfish. she gave me permission to use this phrase as my moniker, and i am very grateful as it makes me seem much wittier than i actually am. i am not witty at all. and i am not even a connoisseur of wittiness. my favourite joke is the one about...

why did the fly fall off the wall? cos he had a fridge tied to his legs!

ahahahahaha i think that is great, don't you?
anyway thank you sharon.


why did the boy fall off his bicycle? cos his auntie threw a grand piano at him!

why did the girl fall of the swing? cos she had no arms!


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