Tuesday, August 31, 2010


i went to the melbourne writer's festival this week and saw...

steph bowe. she was very funny, an excellent speaker and made me a wee bit jealous for two reasons: she is more mature than i will ever be, and she can walk in heels. really high heels. this might seem like a weird, unliterary (ha, who am i kidding, me, literary?) type thing to notice but coordination really impresses me as it is something i struggle with, even on a basic level.

steven herrick. the john marsden of poetry, he was a delight to listen to. funny, honest and great with the school kids, i dare anyone to challenge his awesomeness.

shirley marr. what fantastic sparkly dorothy shoes she was wearing! and she was also a good speaker. and nice. and funny.

argh, i irritate myself with my constant positivity, but i really don't have anything to criticise. although at one point i did feel as though i was standing in the middle of a swamp full of high schoolers. but i guess that's what you get for going to the schools program.
the only bad thing was that i didn't get to see jaclyn moriarty. but the delaightful kate did, and said she was lovely, so that will have to be good enough for me.

also, i got to get coffee from the waffle man. and i spoke french with him. well, i said 'merci' when he gave me my coffee. and he asked me where in queensland i was from, which is a bit insulting really, i guess i must just speak like a bit of a bogan, cos it certainly wouldn't be my bronzed skin that made him think that (i am so pale i make milk look tanned).
au bientot!


  1. bonjour petite blondinette! maintenant que tu es francaise, on ne va parler qu'en francais, d'accord?

    oui, c'est vrai - jaclyn moriaty etait FABULEUSE* et lily wilkinson etait DROLE**.

    mais pour moi, steven herrick etait tres, tres, uber merveilleux! un poet d'ouf!

    *this means tres wonderful
    **this means excellently laugh-making

  2. a poet d'ouf? aren't oueffs eggs? steven herrick the egg poet?
    i agree with everything else though. i am so very envious of your french also, which is why i suspect it does not mean egg poet afterall, and that the throwbacks i have to ye olde french class years ago are very incorrect. see you on saturday you bonne creature!