Monday, July 12, 2010

the uninvited- tim wynne jones

mimi needs to get out of new york. fast. so her mostly absent artist father makes himself useful for once and gives her directions to his old workshop/cottage in the middle of the canadian nowhere. when mimi arrives and finds jay, 22 year old musician, composing in her dad's old loungeroom she is, understandably, a little unnerved. and she gets more unnerved when jay asks if it was her leaving little gifts- a dead bird, a snake skin, some cricket sounds in jay's latest recording...
with first one unexpected occupant, and now another one lurking in the shadows and leaving creepy presents, mimi begins to wonder if staying on at the fairytale cottage on the snye is going to less peaceful retreat and more sinister mindfuck.

i thought this was excellent. similar sort of eerie suspense to helen grant's the glass demon but with curly family mysteries and Miss Havisham-type mad women with automatic weapons. the plot was textured, the writing believable, and mimi was a heroine i would like to be friends with.
invite the uninvited into your to-read list!

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