Friday, July 9, 2010

there are some books that make you burst out with wild, unexpected cackling, snorty laughter and a case of the giggles that can last the next couple of minutes. never read these books on a train- some people will look at you like you are merely a cheerful lunatic, others will look at you with the mingled pity and disgust usually reserved for the very smelly, very drunk or obviously high. i have received both of these looks (for cackling, and possibly for being very smelly). luckily for the people i catch trains with there are not a lot of books that can bring on these mad attacks of hilarity.
The Spud (by John van de Ruit) series is one of them. Oh Vern. And The Gov.
also some others i cant think of right now as i am preoccupied with the genius that is...
Loooouise Rennisonnnnn!!! creator of the fabulous Georgia Nicholson series, her latest is Withering Tights-the misadventures of Tallulah Casey.
Tallulah is Georgia's younger cousin, and she is off to performing arts college in the charming town of Heckmondwhite (remember when Georgia went off to och-aye land for a week in the first book? or was it the second... and she hung out with JockMcWatshisface and enjoyed the scottish wildlife? well think Yorkshire folk, lots of sheep, and a fascination with pudding basin haircuts). im up to page 39 and i have been cackling madly and snorting enough to wake the soundly sleeping deaf man next door (i am using artistic license here, i wouldn't have a clue who lives next door, particularly as i am at the boyfriends and don't really know the neighbourhood from a bar of unfamiliar soap).
i will say no more.
except that if you like a bit of madness in your laughter you can go no further ye olde Withering Tights.

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  1. Ohhh, I must read this! Love Louise Rennison and this sounds just as fab as the Georgia books. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, probably wouldn't have found it for ages otherwise :)