Tuesday, February 23, 2010


just found out i got the okay to do work placement at my old primary school. super excited about this, as it is the type of library i would like to work in when im qualified, i get to hang with the chidlets, and i get to peruse the shelves of my youth! also the librarian has been there since i was a little tacker, and is a total champ so it should be great fun.

also, hopefully the now out of print copy of 'camphor laurel' by sarah walker is still there, and hopefully i get to do some weeding...

mucho excitemondo


  1. dear silver, there are two copies in old bookshops in nsw...

  2. oooh i may need to road trip up there and buy one. or two. i can't even really remember if it's a good book or not, i'm pretty sure it is but it's more that it stuck in my mind cos i read it so long ago and at an inappropriately young age, so it still has the flavour of the exotic in the irrational recesses of my mind...