Monday, February 22, 2010

shiny silver bicycle

i recently came into a shiny silver bicycle, a pink and silver helmet and a black metal basket with the mesh holes small enough that my keys and assorted other things can't fall out while i fly gracefully over potholes.
i haven't had a bicycle for years, my last one got stolen on christmas eve one year i was working at coles. i had chained it to the bike rack outside the library, just behind the coles carpark. when i came out at the end of my shift, my bike was gone. i think the grinch stole it.
anyway, i should have replaced it ages ago. bicycles are fantastic! i have been zooming around most days since i got it, and i think im nearly ready to tackle the ride to work from home, about four suburbs away (not that far, i know, but still, im takin it slow..) and have decided to combat helmet hair with an excellent scarf from an op shop that has strange and colourful skiers on it.

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