Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Serena- Ron Rash

Just finished. It's amazing! It's one of the first adult books i've read in a while, as i usually just stick to chapter and YA, and it makes me want to venture further into the world of adult literature. Who knows, i may even stop neglecting my copy of Crime and Punishment... Unlikely.

It's 1929, the Pembertons are out in the mountains of North Carolina, contentedly hacking away at the forests to further their wealth and ensure that there are enough mahogany dining tables to go around. But some meddling fools have decided that a National Park is a needed to preserve the wilderness for the future. The Pembertons are doing everything they can to stop this, and I mean everything.

Serena is the beautiful, calculated and utterly evil female half of the Pemberton Lumber Company. Pemberton himself is good looking, intelligent enough, but WAY out of his league. This expansive tale of life in the mountains hurtles along like one of the trains carrying logs around the hills, and is given a fantastic sense of depth through the often caustic and always entertainng musings of one particular logging crew on their tea breaks.

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