Thursday, May 27, 2010

with lovely straw hats... for GOATS

right. so i'm the first to admit that overall i'm rather crap at this whole blogging thing. i'm not in the least bit dedicated, even though sometimes i pretend to be (april was a big month for me, a whole six posts). i see everyone elses beautifully designed and executed blogs, with well thought out and intelligently written posts (with a few exceptions that i will not mention cos i don't want to cause a storm in the blog world, not that anyone reads this anyway). and i think, shit, i sound like a mad bogan pretending to talk about books. HOWEVER. i have decided fuck it, that i will no longer try and censor myself and attempt to veil my general idiocy. instead, i will embrace it. ima proud of it y'all!

and now here is a snippet of quentin blake:
Angelica Sprocket's Pockets
Angelica Sprocket has lots of pockets. What's inside them? well. there is a pocket for mice, and a pocket for cheese (hahahahah imagine a pocket of cheese. quite daliesque really, melting clocks, melting cheese... perhaps this not censoring myself is a bad idea...) and a pocket with lovely straw hats.... for GOATS.
hilarity ensues. he is brilliant. not only at creating lively if a wee bit insane stories, but also at illustrating them with such expression and scrawliness that they leap off the page and dance about madly in front of your eyes, infecting your world with the whimsical genius that is Quentin Blake.
love it. not as mindblowingly exquisite as Mrs Armitage (although probably just because i'm biased with Mrs A cos she was a childhood book character), but still a darn good romp of a picture book. Angelica Sprocket herself is another delightfully humorous and eccentric character, and her coat is reminiscent of Mary Poppin's carpet bag in that is able to neatly bypass the tiny matter of physics to carry some alligators and even the kitchen sink.


  1. a pocket for CHEESE? how wonderful.

    i have a pocket for coffee.

  2. not censoring yourself - now there's an idea! There's too much censoring in the kid's book world - I used to review for Magpies about 20 years ago and the then editor found it necessary to write to me to say he was finding some of my reviews a 'bit hard to take'. I only was saying what I really thought (no , I was being worse than that - I was commenting on a current icon of kid's lit in an underhand way by reviewing something similar in a smartarse way.)
    Now that I'm a norther myself, I pretty much don't want to comment on other people's work (apart from old, dead writers, whom I prefer to read anyway) - but I certainly don't censor myself in my books (should never have put those comments about librarians in 'My Candlelight novel' if I wanted CBC approval).

  3. hahaha i just reread the librarian comments and i fervently hope i am never like that sour administrator of books. when i grow up and become a librarian i think i'd like to be like Irene, chief librarian from Herrick's The Simple Gift. except maybe younger. and hotter.
    thanks for your comment!