Monday, May 10, 2010


went for a wee drink on saturday night, and when i got to my third cranberry vodka, found out that a girl i used to go to school with ACTUALLY SLEPT WITH HER TEACHER. well, thats the word on the street. and it comes from a believable street. hence, gospel.

so! she was in year twelve and seduced her business teacher. apparently they flirted alot and then she emailed him asking for private tutoring and he replied and was all 'yes lets have sex' or something similar. his wife and children don't know the reason for the up and coming divorce, just that it's up and coming (ooh err).


it was ok on never been kissed cos drew barrymore was actually a journalist and like thirty years old. but i dont think its ok when she is seventeen, he is mid forties, married, and her first.
apparently she has a rather severe older guy complex. well, good. go watch a george clooney movie. dont fuck your teacher.

any thoughts anyone?

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