Thursday, April 1, 2010

my top 10 YA books of all time (except for the ones i have forgotten to include)

in no particular order:
feeling sorry for celia- jaclyn moriarty (and all her other books. she is amazing)
the great gatenby- john marsden
my candlelight novel- joanne horniman
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy- douglas adams
on the jellicoe road/saving francesca- melina marchetta (i absolutely cant decide which i like better. i blame my indecisive libra starsign...)
guitar highway rose- brigid lowry. yes it is a bit cliched but i loved it at thirteen and i still love it. the whole book just smells of summer.
spud- john van de ruit. fucking hilarious.
the book of fred- abby bardi
came back to show you i could fly- robin klein
what now, tilda b?- kathryn lomer

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  1. aw man! i should have included a bunch of these on my list! yeah - 10 is too few. blurgh.