Friday, April 9, 2010

the glass demon- helen grant

When Lin finds a dead guy under an apple tree, laid out snow white style with the crisp, barely nibbled fruit lying next to him, it seems like just another bad omen to follow the uprooting of her family. So she almost doesn't notice the glittering pile of glass on the ground.
It is only later on she remembers about Bonschariant, the Glass Demon, said to haunt the Allerheiligen stained glass windows. The windows her father is researching, the windows that dragged her family to the middle of a german forest inhabited by huge surly men with slavering monster dogs, the windows that might destroy them all.
Well written with a tightly constructed plot, this deliciously suspensful novel dangles tantalising between both crime and fantasy. It ended in a very satisfying way and I really, really liked it. Lin, Michel (the cute son of the huge surly man with the toothy canine) and the super creepy Bonschariant were all I could think about for a 48hour period, and damn I hope there is a sequel.

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