Saturday, June 25, 2011

hello my little pigeons.
i have returned.
sadly, i bear no exciting news, and lack any kind of rejuvenated reviewing urges.

instead, i come to write some more of my personally handcrafted, mostly flippant and entirely irrelevant paragraphs (many of which are dotted liberally with unnecessary commas and the use of words that most probably don't fit the sentence i have rudely shoved them into, because i skipped the paying attention bit of school were they taught us about, like, grammar 'n shiz (as well as where switzerland is on a map- turns out it is NOT up there next to norway. my total bad)(and while i did purchase a teach yourself grammar for dummies type book last year, i got bored of it very quickly and returned quite happily to my frequently cretinous treatment of the english language)(and in particular the unfortunate use of brackets)(okay, who am i kidding? my mutilation of brackets was probably never going to end no matter how much dumbed down grammar i tried to absorb))(have i closed all these brackets off successfully? meh.)))))).

i was most disappointed the other day to discover that the word blowsy does not in fact mean that sort of floaty windy pretty like when the bees are boppin' happily over the bushes and the leaves are rustling and the air smells nice like summer even though it might not be summer. turns out it doesn't mean anything like that at all!* various dictionaries have bandied about terms like...


i feel quite affronted that these nasty dictionary creators have taken MY word and given such an unfortunate meaning to it. however, i am one to make the best of a ridiculous situation, so my new affectionate term for those close to me shall no longer be ratlady or wizardbeard but you blowsy skink.

actually, i have begun to suspect i should use a dictionary more often. my understanding of word meanings has long been influenced fairly heavily (and this is going to sound even stupider than the rest of this post) by the vibes of the word. hence what i think words mean and what other people and dictionaries think words mean often varies by a surprisingly large amount.
i think this stems from when i was younger. if i didn't understand the meaning of a word, i would continue reading and try and sort of pick up on what the author meant. as i spent a fair bit of time reading whatever i could lay my hands on (many a breakfast was spent learning about the nutritional content of my cereal) i imagine that maybe i read stuff that i didn't understand most of, and so made up my own meanings? and perhaps they stuck? who knows. who cares really. i'm off. laterz

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